Does psp 6.60 cfw work with 6.61 official firmware

does psp 6.60 cfw work with 6.61 official firmware

does psp 6.60 cfw work with 6.61 official firmware

 · i have psp 2004 and using 6.60 permenant cfw on it. i saw 6.61 infinity cfw, so i wonder what is the difference and should i install 6.61 cfw ? right now i can play any psp and psone games, but if infitiny cfw offers something more i can install it, i mean i like to use my all consoles with best cfw so should i update or stay with 6.60 ?

 · Hi guys, Tech James here, This video will show you guys how to downgrade your PSP/PSP GO running Official Firmware 6.61 to Official Firmware 6.60! You will n...

 · Hi guys, Tech James here, In this video, I’ll be showing you guys how to update any PSP to the latest official version “6.61” This tutorial is for anyone who...

 · Developer qwikrazor87 has released a new version that now supports firmware 6.61 to 6.60 downgrading. Also for those with other model PSP's the downgrader is capable of downgrading any PSP to its base firmware version and tested till as low as …

Pro CFW 6.61 C2 has been released for those users who have upgraded to PSP Official Firmware 6.61 which was release about 3 years after their last official Update. If you are running PSP Custom Firmware 6.60 , Then really no need to update to this CFW as all the latest Game from PSP run fine on PSP 6.60 OFW . Feel free to download this latest ...

Someone gave my 5 year old a PSP 1001 on 6.60 LME-1.7, it doesn't run all ISOs such as Hot Wheels, Outrun and NCAA '07. So I was looking to upgrade to either 6.60 Pro-C2 CFW or 6.61 Pro-C2 but don't want to brick the PSP. I was wondering if I need to upgrade to to 6.60/6.61 Official Firmware first before upgrading to 6.60 Pro-C2 or 6.61 Pro-C2.

 · 6.20 Firmware PSP - 620-PRO-2015-02-14_MOD-2015-03-33-F 6.39 Firmware PSP - 639-PRO-2015-02-14_MOD-2015-03-33-F 6.60 Firmware PSP - 660-PRO-2015-02-14_MOD-2015-03-33-F 6.61 Firmware PSP - 661-PRO-2015-02-14_MOD-2015-03-33-F The above are the latest compiled versions of Yoti's Pro C2 mod and should be considered stable Yoti stated. Issues with ...

The only difference I've ever known is that 6.61 can utilise infinity but infinity (on the psp go) doesn't work with the pause game feature. Even so, most people with psp 1-3000 always convince others to use 6.60

6.60 PRO-C2 CFW Item Preview There Is No Preview Available For This Item ... PSP Custom firmware. Extract the ZIP-Archive and copy everything to your "PSP/GAME" folder; Run the "660 PRO-C Updater" from the XMB and install the CFW ; To make the CFW permanent run the CIPL-Flasher Tool; Addeddate 2017-01-25 06:31:09 Identifier 660PROC214022015 Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader …

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